Artist Statement


Although light is the innate source of all photographic images, it is impossible to capture without its practical applications: The objects light—and its shadow—fall on. In my photography work I overlay Western iconography with Eastern philosophy to create an alchemy that produces both tension and a vital resonance of light. It is a process of alloying the invisible with the tangible; opposites held in balance to complete each other. The images are a portal leading beyond the explicit moment and place to reveal the realms of infinity: The spirit of life.

My artistic mediation allows representation to occur, my photographic action is the vehicle of materialization. The camera and subject intersect, create a spark, a revelation, and an imprint is left behind, caught on film.


The medium of video fuses my passions for storytelling and kinesthetic visuals. Driven by a narrative, video enables me to move in time and space to create a particular reality, setting the stage for my ideas.

My video work has been shot in Israel. I am interested in political and social issues and their impact on the individual and her/his perception. Placing the personal viewpoint within social and political frameworks delivers a more coherent account. In my most recent project, “In Jerusalem,” the camera takes a different role, acting as a spectator.


The act of drawing enables the transition from looking to seeing. The eye learns to differentiate between preconception and observation, the hand is being taught to coordinate with the eye, and transmit impressions onto paper. This could also serve as metaphor for life: Our preconceptions often deceive us; by learning to see, we are able to reach a greater understanding of life. In my drawings, I capture the essence of my subject matter to reveal its innate beauty.